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Get ready for a day of fun and excitement as you embark on your first, authentic NY tour. We'll meet you in the lobby of your hotel. You won't have to find us. We'll find you.  We'll meet at whatever time is good for you.  Maybe you like to sleep late. Maybe, you like to get up early. It's your vacation. We'll schedule around you.

First, we'll go to a real New York diner for breakfast (we know all the good ones).There, we'll get to know each other, finalize the plans for our tour of NY, and head out on a one-of-a-kind adventure.

Nine hours after we picked you up, we'll bring you back to your hotel guaranteed to be glad you met up with Family in New York.

Whatever you decide to fill those nine hours with is completely up to you. To help you plan the perfect day, we will make suggestions of interesting and exciting places to explore. You are after all in our hometown, and we know just about everything there is to know about the City. To us, it is like having one giant backyard. We love our home and want our new family members to love it too!

So, as far as a typical day goes, there really isn't one. We tailor our tours to suit your desires and what you would like to experience, and everyone is different. However, one thing that is typical about our NY tours is that everyone ends the day happy and satisfied with a camera full of pictures of amazing sights and memories of the day.  

New York City isn't the only place we tour. We also venture outside of the City and offer guided tours to Atlantic City, Philadelphia, Long Island, Boston, the Catskills, Niagara Falls and even Washington D.C. The history in some of these places is absolutely fascinating! 

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