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Our ticket service is another benefit we offer in response to frequent customer requests.

To get the best tickets and best prices in New York, you must go directly to the box office. This is true for New York show tickets, sporting events, concerts, opera, ballet, etc.

To wait until you get here to buy your tickets is a mistake. New York show tickets and events tickets regularly sell out a long time in advance. At the “same day as show” discount ticket places, you get whatever is left over. Often, you cannot see want you want to see and regularly the leftover seats are ones that no one else wanted.

Internet ticket brokers sell tickets at greatly marked up prices (as do hotel concierges). Even if you go to the website of the theater, stadium or arena to buy your tickets, in most cases, you are directed to a ticket broker. Even if the website looks the same as the theater or venue website, in most cases, it is a broker (you can tell by looking at the Internet address bar at the top of your computer screen – the address begins with http://)  

At Family in New York, we go personally to the Manhattan venue box office and, in consultation with the box office staff and seating chart, we select the best seats in the price range you tell us. We then send you the tickets by registered service.

We charge $25 per ticket for our time and effort, plus shipping, and whatever the box office charges for your tickets. You can order this service, when you order your tour, on the Order Services page of our website.


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